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Aren’t we glad that we’ve reached the age where food delivery gives us more options than just Fast Food? Whether it’s for a gathering of friends, or just days when you’re too lazy to cook a good meal (but want a good meal, nonetheless), Foodpanda’s wide range of delectable fusion cuisine options could be just what you need!

Riz ‘n Spice

riznspice foodpanda

Image credit: Riz ‘n Spice | Facebook

With Chinese, Filipino, Indian, and Thai influences in its dishes, you definitely have something interesting to pick from Riz ’n Spice’s menu. Appetising wraps and delicious rice bowls come with a range of interesting fillings and dishes such as Thai Tuna, Indian Chicken Curry, or Korean Chicken. With such a wide range of flavours available, Riz ’n Spice definitely has something for everyone – an ideal choice for the times when you’re organising a gathering with a bunch of friends!

Unit 27 Bar and Cafe

Unit 27 Bar and Cafe foodpanda

Image credit: Unit 27 Bar + Cafe | Instagram

This fusion cuisine option is definitely perfect for the health conscious! With dishes such as Brown Rice Champorado,  Oatscaldo (an improvised version of Italian Arroz Caldo), health conscious folks definitely have an interesting choice to choose from the next time they are too tired to get their meal preps done. With dishes such as Grilled Tuna in Sour-Spicy Coconut Broth, Unit 27 Bar and Cafe is really one of a kind by fusion cuisine standards!

Jack’s Loft

jack's loft foodpanda

Image credit: Jack’s Loft | Facebook

This Arabic fusion food option is definitely something you should try out on days where you’re not quite in the mood to cook something for yourself. It’s menu includes interesting options like Wasabi Beef Melt and Hong Kong Style Baked Pork Chop. Just the names of these dishes alone sound exotic! With an extensive dessert menu that consists of all kinds of cakes and pies, Jack’s Loft could be a great option for small gatherings between close friends or a little dinner at home with your partner.

Everything Yummy

everything yummy foodpanda

Image credit: Everything Yummy | Facebook

Everything Yummy really lives up to its name by giving you a menu consisting of all the best flavours from different parts of the world. Ranging from Singaporean Pepper Prawns to US Black Angus Prime Rib Steak, each time you order from Everything Yummy it guarantees a new experience!

Tipsy Tvrtle

Tipsy Tvrtle foodpanda

Image credit: Tipsy Tvrtle | Facebook

With choices like Wonton Crisps (cooked wonton wrapper crisps filled with ground beef and home made sauce), and Chicken Curry Sate (chicken thigh fillet marinated in Thai Curry), Tipsy Tvrtle really allows you to experience how different flavours from different cultures taste like when they come together!  Order an interesting skewer platter for your social gathering – the delectable flavours will definitely leave a great impression on your guests!

Albergus Catering

Albergus Catering foodpanda

Image credit: Albergus Catering | Facebook

If you’re expecting a large number of guests, consider ordering from Albergus Catering. Its menu consists of dishes which are rich in flavour, such as Beef Cadereta, and also those that are less tangy, like its Congee dish.  With a menu filled with delectable fusion cuisine that includes mains and desserts, Albergus Catering is definitely and option you should consider trying out if you’re hosting a party!


Posporo foodpanda

Image credit: Posporo | Facebook

Posporo is great for anyone who wants to have Mexican cuisine with an Asian twist! You get to choose Burritos and Quesadillas with unique local flavours such as Chicken Inasal. What’s great about Posporo is also its Soyganissa option, which gives vegetarians an extra option to choose from when it comes to fusion cuisine!

If these great fusion food options on Foodpanda doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what will! Remember to place your orders through ShopBack and get up to 15% cashback every time you get your food delivered by Foodpanda!