Wake up in the morning looking… TOTALLY EFFORTLESS. Make sure you have these face essentials to start beauty from the inside out. Makeup is so much more fun to put on when you have a well-prepared canvas. Some beauty junkies are probably freaking out over how they can’t seem to live without their 194,750 beauty products but the best way to keep looking healthy and beautiful is to keep it simple and clean.

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1)   Moisturiser

If you have an oily skin, moisturisers can play an  active role to make sure that your face is hydrated. The face is the most vulnerable part of the body that is exposed to  the elements all the time. Since you can cover up your legs and arms with clothes,  why not give your face a little protection from the drying elements too?

olay-regeneristOlay Regenerist Revitalizing Hydration Cream, SPF 15 – ₱329.00

This moisturizer comes with added benefits! It’s infused with nourishing ingredients to soothe and protect your delicate skin, whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect as an lightweight everyday base in your skin care routine.

2)   Concealer

For days when your complexion needs a little correcting. You always need a concealer in your makeup bag handy for those emergencies concerning pimples or blemishes. Don’t pack it on; you have to admit that it doesn’t completely hide anything. But at least reduce some of the unsightliness by making it less noticeable and bring it closer to your natural skin colour. Beauty magazines always tell you to get one that is one shade lighter, but I recommend getting it in your skin colour so that you don’t have to pat foundation to  set it.

concealerSuesh 15 Color Concealer and Corrector Palette – ₱1000
From Lazada

This extremely affordable palette allows you to mix and blend shades to achieve the perfect match for your skin tone. Great for Asian skins that tan and fade according to the sun.

The formulation also helps your skin breathe and react only to natural elements without working harder to accommodate the foundation you powdered on your whole face. Pat it on with a brush or dab it gently with fingers.

3)   Eyeliner/Eyeshadow

Depending on your preference on how you like to create larger peepers, you can use either an eyeliner or eyeshadow. I usually use a liquid eyeliner as I mastered the hang of it more than gel or a pen. I find it gentler on my eyelids too as it swipes on without pulling or tugging on my already delicate eyelids, unlike using a brush with gel eyeliner or felt pen.

elizabeth-arden-penColor Intrigue Eyeliner (assorted colours) – ₱312.00
From StrawberryNET.com

This eyeliner is the perfect size to make the thinnest lines or even thicker lines when you press it down more firmly with a delicate pressure. Plus, it doesn’t smudge after it sets when you put on eyeshadow.

la-coloursLA COLORS 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet – ₱399. Image source

For it’s price, LA Colors produces some super high-quality products. This is the perfect neutral palette that can will suit all skin tones, whether you have been tanning on the beach, or suffering a pale period. Lightweight with barely any fallout and amazing color payoff, it stays on the whole day without needing an eye primer to help it last longer. Since its colour pigments are rich and concentrated,you don’t really need to pack it on for the colour to show.

4)   Face Masks

It’s all about hydration! When you have time, slap on a cool mask that has been sitting in the refrigerator for a calm, peaceful 20 minute rest. I always fall asleep while having my mask on, so it goes on for more than that but I personally believe it helps to milk the mask for all it’s worth.

aloe-maskMAY ISLAND Fresh Aloe Extract Real Essence Mask, 25g Set of 3 – ₱299
From Lazada

I like to go for Korean brands because they seem to be leagues ahead of the rest of the world in skin care technology. I find that this May Island mask is perfect as I tan a lot and the healing properties of the aloe extract in the mask helps to to soothe and calm my skin after getting kissed by the sun.

5)   Eyebrow Pencil

This only works if you have groomed and shaped eyebrows. It is a lot easier to fill in your eyebrows that way because all you have to think about is darkening them so that they look thicker and more defined. You don’t want to be putting on a bold eyeliner, when your eyebrows are frail, grey wisps. Even when I am not wearing eyeliner, I like to colour my eyebrows in a little, to ensure my face doesn’t look washed out.

vov-eyebrow-pencilVOV Eyebrow Pencil in No.11 – ₱199

This cheap steal is a favourite as it helps me design my eyebrows effortlessly and stays on well all day.

6)   Makeup Remover

All pretty skin starts with being clean. Before cleansing, always remove oil, dirt and pollutants from your face with a makeup remover. When you wash your face consequently, it is going to end up cleaner than heading straight to the bathroom without removing that extra film of dirt from being out all day. An economical tip I can give you is to simply buy eye makeup remover. It usually costs less and still does a great job removing makeup for the whole face. Since it is meant for the eyes, I assume it is gentler and more caring towards the skin too.

biodermaBioderma Sensibio (Crealine) H2O Micelle Solution (For Sensitive Skin), 8.4oz – ₱846
From StrawberryNET.com

This is my go-to for a quick clean and a deep cleansing after a day full of makeup. The micellar formulation gets rid of all traces of grit and grime, including the toughest of waterproof mascaras without irritating the eyes or skin at all.

7)   Facial Wash

This is the most important thing that will touch your face, so choose something suitable for your skin. You need two kinds – something gentle and something rough. You will want a lighter facial wash for everyday washing. I always go for one that is organic or chemical-free because it is not too harsh for daily use. Then occasionally, I’ll swap it for an exfoliator to help slough off old cells, allowing my skin to renew and regenerate for a healthier looking glow.

holika-holika-daily-garden-aloe-cleansing-foamHolika Holika Daily Garden Aloe Cleansing Foam 120ml – ₱185
From Lazada

Yup, I love my Korean brands, and Holika Holika is a super affordable one that doesn’t compromise on quality! Just squeeze a tiny drop of it and it lathers up nicely to cleanse your whole face.

Now that you have taken care of your skin, it is just so much easier to apply makeup. After all, your natural beauty is helping all of it appear more glamorous. So start treating your skin right today with these 7 face essentials, and then shop around some more for makeup that will enhance the naturally beautiful features you have.

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