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Travelling alone may not be at the top of your list but once you’ve conquered countries on your own, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction like no other. You’ll come home wishing you could relive the entire journey again and this time, effortlessly, because you have learnt so much from it, like what we’ve listed here:

1. You’ve Mastered The Art Of Packing Light


Lugging huge bags around a foreign country just screams “rob me!” Furthermore, it’s easier to get around with less clutter. I mean, how are you going to look at the map while carrying your Louis Vuitton duffel bag and dragging two luggages?

If you need to up your packing game, Sunny Sports has packing organisers and bags to ease your packing process – check it out here.

2. And Navigating Around

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You don’t have to take Geography or driving lessons to learn how to navigate. After a while, you can shamelessly tell others that you conquered Vietnam with just a small hardcopy map.

3. AND The Art Of Taking Selfies


You’re on your own and nobody’s there to take photos for you, so you rely on a selfie stick or tripod. Prior to your trip, you scorn at those pretentious travellers using a selfie stick, but you realise how useful it is when you need a photo of you in front of the Sapa mountain treks.

If you’re taking selfies with your phone, check out Lazada’s 2 in 1 Portable Monopod including selfie stick and holder (₱1,112). Using a camera? Check out the Small Metal Tripod Stand for Cameras with Free GoPro Tripod Adapter (599) on Lazada too.

4. However, Making A Conversation Isn’t That Hard

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How hard is it, really? Of course, you started from the bottom and now you’re here. It may seem weird at first but circumstances force you to step out of your comfort zone.

5. You Have No Difficulties Asking Strangers To Take Photos For And With You


Because you have stepped out of your comfort zone, you will know that there are people out there who can be warm and welcoming – if you’d just open your mouth to ask. Though you don’t feel totally comfortable with your surroundings, then trust your gut instincts and get out of there.

6. So You Can Flirt All You Want Too


There are no inhibitions stopping you from getting to know new, different people. You probably won’t see the person again – unless you exchange Facebook details – so you can be yourself and there’s no pressure to be who you don’t want to be. See a cute person? Go for it (if you’re single)!

7. Best Of All, You Get To Use All Your Cashback Yourself!


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