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If you are the workaholic person who happens to travel a lot, the idea of lugging around a bulky business laptop is, no doubt, extremely unappealing and burdensome. With the wide selection of tablets available at Cherry Mobile, working while traveling can now be more convenient and less cumbersome!

Here are 6 tablets that can replace your bulky work laptop and ease your work-while-travelling woes!

1. Fusion Aura

The pocket-friendly Fusion Aura

The Fusion Aura was previously unveiled as part of the Cherry Mobile Festival back in 2014. With its extremely affordable price tag, one can expect a 7-inch tablet with superb resolution (1024×600) and a 1.5GHz dual core processor, allowing you to view your work files without the lag. It comes with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage, ensuring that you have sufficient memory space to store your work files and apps.

It also comes with 2-megapixel main camera to help you capture picturesque travel moments even while in the midst of work! The Wi-Fi capability ensures that you stay connected to your work emails despite being out of office. While it does not create an immediate wow factor, the specs of the Fusion Aura definitely makes it a budget-friendly tablet!

Retail price: PHP 2,299 | After cashback: PHP 2,207

2. Alpha Morph

Alpha Morph is a 2-in-1 laptop and tablet

If you are an avid Windows user, then the Alpha Morph is for you! The Alpha Morph is a 10-inch Windows 8.1 tablet and is able to run Windows applications such as Microsoft Office. This makes it extremely convenient for you to work offline on files and documents without having to rely on an internet connection!

One key feature of the Alpha Morph is, as its name implies, the ability to transform into a laptop with the detachable keyboard dock. The keyboard also acts as a stand for the tablet, making viewing and typing replies to work emails much easier. This tablet-laptop hybrid is undeniably a much lighter and convenient alternative to a bulky laptop!

Retail price: PHP 9,999 | After cashback: PHP 9,599

3. Alpha Play

Alpha Play is another Windows tablet but without the keyboard

Yet another affordable Windows tablet would be the Alpha Play. Unlike the Alpha Morph that comes with a detachable keyboard, the Alpha Play boosts a squarish, flat and slim frame that makes it lightweight and convenient to slip into your hand-carry bag.

The Alpha Play is a full-fledged Windows tablet – allowing you to install almost any app or program that you might specifically require for your work and requires a Window environment. Another plus point would be the presence of a mini HDMI port which enables you to connect your tablet to projectors and monitors during business meetings. With all these superb features that the Alpha Play boosts, it is almost akin to carry your workstation around – conveniently on a tablet of course!

Retail price: PHP 5,999 | After cashback: PHP 5,759

4. Fusion Breeze 2

cherry mobile fusion breeze

The Fusion Breeze 2 is dubbed as the pocket-friendly tablet. With its 1.5GHz dual core processor which allows two time faster performance, expandable storage of up to 32GB and Wifi capability, this makes the perfect on-the-go work tablet!

There is also an added Miracast feature that allows the tablet to be connected wirelessly to projectors or monitors without a HDMI cable. This definitely minimises the amount of tech gadgets that you have to carry while travelling around on business trips! The Fusion Breeze 2 also has pre-installed Google Chrome and Opera Mini, so you do not need to worry about downloading additional browsers for work.

Retail price: PHP 2,299 | After cashback: PHP 2,207

5. Superion Radar LTE

Superion Radar LTE is a superior gaming tablet yet perfect for work!

The Superion Radar LTE was designed to be a gaming tablet, but with its superb specifications, it should be more than sufficient to double up as a lightweight tablet for work while on the move! It boosts an impressive 1.2 GHz 64 Bit Snapdragon 410 quad core processor – which essentially allows applications to run quickly and smoothly on the tablet.

The best part? It comes with an internal storage of 8GB, which is way more than enough to store all your work files and folders. On top of the usual Wifi connectivity features, it comes with 4G LTE, allowing you to stay connected 24/7 without having to search for Wifi hotspots! This added feature definitely gives the Superion Radar LTE an extra edge over other tablets when it comes to using one for work purposes!

Retail price: PHP 3,999 | After cashback: PHP 3,839

6. Tegra Note 7 LTE

Tegra Note 7 LTE is a powerful tablet that even comes with 4G connectivity

Another powerful tablet that comes with the fantastic 4G LTE connectivity is the Tegra Note 7 LTE. Boosting one of the world’s fastest processors, it also comes with HSPA+ mobile connectivity, allowing the tablet to operate on popular carriers across the world. You will never have to worry about being disconnected from your work emails!

The tablet also comes with a superior fine-tip stylus, in chisel and brush tips for natural writing and broad strokes – making designing works much easier! With its long-lasting battery life of 10 hours and a 16GB internal storage, this tablet is a powerful and perfect work gadget for the workaholic traveller!

Retail price: PHP 11,999 | After cashback: PHP 11,519

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