We all know money doesn’t come easy…


And neither does finding that jackpot shade of blush or tint of lipstick that’ll suit us perfectly.

1. Put your makeup in the fridge


Allow your makeup to last longer by putting them in the fridge! When the door is shut, the lights are off and the temperature is always cool. The weather can get overbearingly hot so this is an extra precaution to prevent your makeup from melting!


Products that are exposed to extreme heat or humidity for an extended period of time may look and perform different, especially on your face. The best products to stash in the fridge are fragrances:


The enemies of perfumes and fragrances are air, heat and light; and they react with the scent to make it change, possibly causing it to smell less fresh or even sour! That’s why the best place to store your makeup is in a fridge.

But if you’re feeling icky about storing your lipsticks and nail polishes next to that container of last night’s dinner, you should think about investing in a mini fridge just for your cosmetics.



Mini Portable Cooler And Warmer 4L Cosmestic Cooler + Fridge + Refrigerator White, on Lazada.


2. Layer your lipsticks


If you don’t like the shade of your lippie, don’t be disgruntled and dump it aside. Simply layer another lip color over it and experiment until you get that desired hue. It not only works, but it lasts longer on your lips too!

Be sure to check out Luxola for affordable lipsticks that come in a variety of colours!


3. Apply liquid foundation with a brush instead of a sponge


Sponges absorb the foundation more quickly whereas brushes are more effective in getting the product onto your face.

Luxola carries great makeup brushes from the amazing brand Zoeva!


4. Save liquid makeup by melting it


Simply melt the product by setting it in warm water, then transfer it to any other small containers that you can carry with you all the time!

Contact lens cases make cute and affordable containers for your last drops of product:


5. Get rid of dry clumps of mascara


… By warming the whole stick in hot water again. Voila!

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