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Nowadays, it’s no longer worth it to get a new phone with your postpaid phone line, with the lines costing you an arm and a leg for barely any data and a slightly cheaper device. We much prefer getting our smartphones unlocked, directly from re-sellers. Our choice of re-seller is, and all always be, Lazada. With their huge discounts and quick shipping, you are sure to impress with your new high-end smartphone!

1. HTC 10

Many times imitated, but never duplicated. The original king of Android phones (way back in 2010), HTC has introduced many features we now deemed essential to making a good phone, namely: a metal unibody, dual-camera set-up and larger camera apertures.

HTC 10Image Credit:

The HTC 10 brings back most of these features, with a solid build and impeccable quality. Not one for gimmicks – that means no curved screens or weird modules – HTC has made a brilliant and very functional phone.

HTC 10
Originally ₱29,900 | ₱28,405 after cashback

2. Samsung S7 Edge

The current king of high-end Android smartphones, Samsung has improved on its formula of curved screens with large batteries.

Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeImage Credit:

This year, they brought back the much-missed expandable SD card slot and added IP68 resistance. What does IP68 mean? In simple terms, it means this device is dust resistant and nearly water proof, being able to withstand up to 30-minutes in at depths of up to 1.5m. The S7 Edge is the phone to get for all adventurous go-getters traveling around the world.

Samsunge S7 Edge
Originally ₱25,990 | ₱24,690.50 after cashback

3. LG G5

Stepping out of their comfort zone, LG opted for a unique modular design this year.

LG G5Image Credit:

What does that mean? Basically, the phone has a removable battery compartment that can be switched out for components that can improve battery life, improve the camera quality, or improve audio quality. Mind you, though, they’re all sold separately. The LG G5 is perfect for those looking of something powerful, quick, yet customizable.

Originally ₱19,500 | ₱18,525 after cashback

4. iPhone 7

If an android phone isn’t your cup of tea, and you refuse to use a Windows phone, then the iPhone 7 is for you. The phone that started the smartphone category, the iPhone 7 redefines it by going almost completely wireless.

Apple iPhone 7Image Credit:

Aside from your charging port – which will be removed once they figure out how to charge the iPhone wirelessly – Apple has made the courageous decision to remove the beloved 3.5mm headphone jack. If this isn’t the future, I don’t know what is.

iPhone 7
Originally ₱37,999 | ₱36,099.05 after cashback

5. Huawei P9

This Chinese brand has risen out of obscurity in recent years to become one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers out there, and it’s no wonder why. Huawei makes some of the world’s most high-end and sleek devices.

Huawei P9Image Credit:

Previously they worked on Google’s Nexus 6P, and they brought the same design language over to their own Huawei P9. Featuring a dual-camera setup housed in a unique visor, and designed together with renowned camera brand Leica, the P9 is perfect for all you Instagram-obsessed butterflies.

Huawei P9
Originally ₱20,599 | ₱19,569.05 after cashback

6. OnePlus 3

Despite some outcries of a design similar to the iPhone 6, the OnePlus 3 stands out in a category of its own as one of the first few smartphones with 6GB of RAM.

OnePlus 3Image Credit:

Yes, you read that right, 6GB of RAM; more than some laptops out in the market today. Blazing fast with a sleek metal unibody and an AMOLED display – a screen so clear that you simply will not be able to take your eyes off of it – the OnePlus 3 is one of the best phones in the market today.

OnePlus 3
Originally ₱22,128 | ₱ 21,021.60 after cashback

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