Think you’ve heard of the weirdest drinks on this planet? Well think again. Most of these drinks are said to have apparent health benefits (that’s why people can even stomach them) but we’ll leave the judgement to you.

Also, I hope you aren’t having a meal as you continue scrolling down. Here’s a countdown of the top 6 strangest drinks in the world.

1.  Salad Flavoured Water

This strange concoction hails from the country of Japan. Why am I not surprised? Moreover, Coca-cola Japan, the people who brought in the iconic red can of soft drink we all know as ‘Coke’ to the country, are precisely the same people who came up with Salad Flavoured Water.


It literally says “Water Salad” on the can. The only saving grace of this drink is the circle of cute vegetable icons. That and the fact that this drink literally screams “I’M SO HEALTHY DRINK ME”.

Apparently, there are different flavors too. Fruit salad water anyone? Just say it, over and over again in your head. Salad, flavoured, water. Salad, flavoured, water. Like whuuut?

2.  Bilk

This is a lexeme that has been compounded by joining ‘Beer’ and ‘Milk’ to form, Bilk.

Bilk-drinkMy childhood and adulthood summed up into one drink. Source

Bilk, also a product of Japan, is a low-malt beer with milk. It is 70% beer and 30% milk.

Unfortunately, Abashiri (the company that came up with this) no longer produces Bilk. Nonetheless the fact that it even existed…

3.  Cow’s Urine (Gau Ark)

Here’s a funfact: It is rumoured that some Hindus consume bovine urine and faeces in drinks and spices mix for their “health-giving” properties.

vedic_go_ark (1)NOPE. Nope. Nope. Source

This is a bottle of distilled cow urine. It is said to have immense potential to cure various disease, as well as curing ailments from liver problems to diabetes and cancer. Cow urine, in several Indian states, can also be found in porridge, toothpaste and tonic drinks.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in India hopes to develop cow urine cola that will be a healthy alternative to Coke or Pepsi.

How nice.

4.  Placenta


This is a placenta jelly drink. For those who are unsure or not very clear of what a placenta is-


So cute.

Japanese women have been drinking blended pig placenta to reduce signs of ageing. Not from the jelly packet, but freshly blended pig’s placenta. You can Google it if you like but we’re not going to upload a visual of that to save some of you from cringing. Because I know I did.

This is not unusual in the animal kingdom as animals do ingest placenta for nutritional reasons because a placenta at work receives nutrients, oxygen, antibodies, and hormones from the mother’s blood.

Nonetheless, I cannot deny that placenta is considered a health food with numerous benefits and we can consume it, although eating a human one is not just creepy and cannibalistic, it’s downright gross. Sheep placenta, blended and bottled is sold on Lazada for  996 in softgels (phew) so you can ingest them with ease. The 500mg concentration is claimed to help improve complexion and ease hormonal issues.

Click here to learn more about this supplement!


Yay placenta time!


5.  Baby Mice Wine


Baby mice are drowned in vats full of rice wine. They must be 2-3 days old to ensure a furless drink. The mixture ferments for a year before it is ready for consumption.

Popular in China and Korea, the baby mouse wine is a cure for anything ranging from colds to liver problems.

I don’t even know what to say.

6.  Lizard Wine

Author’s note: While convincing myself that this research is for educational and entertainment purposes and I will be a more knowledgeable person equipped with random bits of trivia, I hope to finish the following paragraphs without retching.

Made in China: Lizard Wine, anyone?

As I chanced upon this picture, I thought to myself, “Okay, lizard in a bottle. Probably photoshopped for illustrative purposes.”

Upon further research, I found out that they actually sell Lizard Wine with the Lizard still inside. Oh sorry, Lizards. It’s in plural form, with an “s”. More than one Lizard. Because one is not enough.


“In traditional Chinese medicine, this particular rice-based fermentation is prescribed to cure a headache.” –  I’m part-Chinese, and I eat Panadol when I get a headache. I’m definitely sticking to eating Paracetamol and killing pests, thank you very much.

What do you think? Let us know (after your trip to the toilet).

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