Sunlight is extremely, extremely detrimental to our skin.

The damage to our skin may not be visible until many years later after the initial damage has occurred. Apart from altering our skin’s appearance, exposure to sun also increases our chances of developing skin cancer, especially if you have a light complexion. 

If you haven’t already, arm yourself with beauty and make-up products that are loaded with SPF so you can bask in sunlight with no fear and maybe even get fairer! (Don’t overdo it, of course!)

1.  Foundation

The base of make-up regiments rests heavily on that first layer of foundation. Be it BB/CC creams or liquid/powder foundations, there are those that come equipped with SPF for ultimate anti-aging treatments.

Wet n Wild Coverall Foundation has gotten great reviews for being lightweight and creamy, which works great under the sun when your skin is more prone to greasing itself up.

wet-wild-foundationWith SPF 15, this goes at ₱364.50 only at Luxola.

Another highly rated and reviewed product is Sleek’s Crème to Powder Foundation.


It comes in a lightweight crème foundation but settles on your skin as a smooth, powdered and matte finish. With SPF 15, Sleek’s crème to powder is an affordable ₱735.50 at Luxola. Reviewers have found it to be effective in covering minor scars and marks, leaving your skin flawless and velvety to touch.

2.  Lippies

It is of utmost importance to protect those luscious lips from sunlight as well. This is what could happen if you don’t-

Sunburned lips happen a lot more commonly than most people think they do. The obvious prevention method is to use a lip balm but there are lipsticks with SPF in them too!

Violet Dream Luminous (VDL) from Korea carries cubed-lipsticks that contain SPF10, specially meant for your lips.

Although the instructions are in Korean, the diagrams make it easy for ladies to understand how to use such a cute cubed-lippie correctly!

We even found a thorough review of these babies that you can check out here. 

Get them at Lazada for only ₱2,400 (usual price ₱3,000)

3.  Sunblock

Sunblocks and sunscreen lotions alike can get pretty greasy themselves. Thank goodness they come in sprays now! Luxola has a range of sunblock mists from various brands that work just as well!

Here are a few you can try!

sun-protection-mistDrGL Sun Protection Mist – ₱2,942.50

sunscreen-spraySoleil Toujours Zinc Based Sunscreen Continuous Spray SPF50 – ₱2,006

sunbrellaEnavose Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF45 – ₱1,337.50

4.  Blusher 

Blushers containing SPF are hard to come by in the market, but we found a local brand called D’Organiq on Lazada just for you! 

They can be applied on your lips as well as your cheek and the ingredients of these tints include Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamins C and E as well as Flower Pigments. This means that the colors of these tints actually come from flowers themselves! That’s why they’re commonly described as flower-pigmented. 

With an SPF of 10, they are waterproof, completely organic, and you can mix shades to get unique colors as well. 

Find them on Lazada at only ₱495 per tint!

5.  Skincare

Aside from SPF make-up and sunblocks, you can pamper your skin with healing treatments and serums especially when you’re having a break away from the sun. 

Luxola has taken the liberty of listing skincare products that are awesome for the summer or whenever the sun hits your skin. Visit these pages before the sale ends! 


6.  Have a healthy diet 

You are what you eat, and your skin is too. There are foods that are great for our complexion and there are proven ingredients that clear up even the worst of problem skin and ones that can prevent skin cells from ageing prematurely. 

Here’s a list of food good for your skin-

yogurt salmon 

Yogurt, blueberries, salmon, almonds and spinach are said to be bursting with goodness and richness for skin, giving it a youthful glow while preventing ageing. 

Staying away from the sun may not be enough to guarantee you good skin! You’re better off pairing facial and food products together!



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