I used to be like you, an evangelist of sorts for on-site shopping. I prefer going to the mall and be able to caress the fabric of whatever dress I intend to buy, or cup a feel and have a sniff of the fruits and veggies I’m buying if I’m in the supermarket. When nearly everyone around me started buying massively online, regaling me with tales of amazing discounts and hassle-free doorstep delivery, I was intrigued but still managed to keep my resolve for a little while longer. Until I made my first online transaction on Zalora and I knew, online shopping and I are going to be best friends forever!

1. Deals, deals, deals!
Online shopping certainly has a lot of advantages over traditional on-site shopping, and perhaps the most compelling reason for anyone to go online and shop is pricing. By removing overhead and operational expenses like shop rent, display, sales attendants, etc. online shops have bigger margins and able to comfortably pass along the savings to their customers – that’s you! This is how they can offer products at or sometimes below wholesale prices.

But you can’t try them on, you might argue, and that’s a pretty valid concern, I agree. Online shops usually would have size guides and easy return/exchange policies if item’s still a no-go.

And what if I tell you that on top of the discounts you can get from your favourite online shops, you can STILL get some cash rebate from ShopBack? Bet you wouldn’t be able to say no to that! Discounts + Cashback = Shopping nirvana!

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2. Ultimate shopping convenience
What can be more convenient than not having to get dressed to the nines only to be mobbed, pushed, shoved and worse, robbed, in the mall during one of those hellish midnight madness sale at SM or Robinson’s malls? While I understand the charm and, perhaps, the perverse pleasure of being among the crowd, you have to ask yourself if buying one or two pieces of heavily discounted items is worth getting your gel-painted nails and your fine leather sandals repeatedly stepped on by overzealous bargain shoppers. My answer to that is a definite no.



3. No driving, no commuting, no traffic!
EDSA traffic jam is the worst and no amount of sale/discount should ever make you want to sit for three hours inside the car or join the three-kilometre queue at the MRT just to get to the mall, and by the time you arrive, other shoppers would have already romped-off with your size anyway. Online shopping saves you from this mind-numbing, hell-raising madness and you know that.



4. Infinite product selection
Just like in a mall, online shops like Zalora, Lazada, Groupon, etc, offer limitless selection. But unlike in a mall, you wouldn’t be traipsing from store to store with armloads of shopping bags. Apparel, auto parts, cell phones, computers, personal electronics, home and kitchen appliances, jewelry, sporting goods, toys and books – all these and more are available online and well within your fingertips and credit card limits.


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5. Saves you from pointless spending
When shopping for groceries online for example, you are less likely to go overboard with your spending on the off chance that you will only really purchase basic items (laundry detergent, toilet and kitchen rolls, shampoo, etc) as opposed to visiting a physical supermarket, where there are rows upon rows of tempting products you probably don’t even need. But perhaps, it’s a different story when shopping online for apparels, bags, or gadgets. In this case, extreme caution MUST be practiced.

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Featured Image source: http://www.shopbycards.com/