For corporate peons and busybodies like most of us, going away on a holiday is necessary to relax and recharge our batteries, to get lost in the moment and rediscover our fun self (remember that time when you used to be carefree and fun?), meet potential romantic partners or reinvigorate excitement with current flame, or perhaps to disengage ourselves away from the maddening demands of our daily lives. Also, it takes us to that state of natural mindfulness, where we become more aware our life experiences and evaluate them with a fresh pair of eyes as we look to the future with as much positivity we could muster.

But now that we are bombarded by travel options, it becomes increasingly important to make wise travel decisions without having to kill the thrill of spontaneity and intoxicating randomness. Learn to maximise the perks of your trip by considering these smart tips when planning your next travel adventure:

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  • Be an explorer! Now is your chance to soak in all the sights, sounds, colours, tastes and emotions of your surroundings, so don’t waste it by being cooped-up in your hotel room the whole day. If in a safe neighbourhood, you can take a walk, rent a bike, or run at your own pace. This is also a good way for you to keep fit while on vacation. Go out there and live life like you mean it!
  • Direct your own travel documentary. Capture moments and places as much and as often as you can. These will give you enough materials to create your own travel videos which you can revisit each time you feel the need to escape but just can’t. Or, you can also show them to your kids later on so they’ll know just how cool you were – and still are!
  • Traveling on a budget does NOT make you cheap, nor is it (always) synonymous to bad travel experience. Budget traveling simply helps you manage your resources efficiently and encourage you to experience some aspects of traveling without having to break your savings account every time.
  • Make one or two friends for each day of your trip and by that I mean, make it your mission to know more than just their name and what sort of work they do. Have engaging conversations on books, movies, sports and of course, your travel adventures. And make sure to connect online even after the trip.
  • Be a student. Learn, discover, watch, observe, listen, take photos and ask questions. Make each travel an enriching experience for you and you will be surprised by the great number of things you will soon learn about yourself in the process.

And don’t be downhearted just because summer is over! With autumn quickly taking over the reins, you have a choice of the most amazing destinations to soak in the chilly air and the most spectacular colours of fall – just before the bitter winds of winter take hold (if you come from a four-season country, that is).

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So put on your smart traveler thinking cap, pull on your walking boots, make your way to one of any stunning autumn destinations and crunch through the fallen leaves…because la vie est belle!

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