From software updates to adding an edge (pun intended!) to the already sleek and sexy Samsung Galaxy series, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have taken technology up a notch with some subtle yet significant differences in its devices. While it may not deviate too much in appearance from older models, the Samsung Galaxy S6 series has power-pack to its features that are difficult to ignore.

Here are some notable new features about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge that you need to know:

1.  Face-lift with polished materials

One of the main issues many Galaxy users had in the past was that the glossy plastic exterior of the phone simply didn’t feel right in their hands. This year, Samsung got the memo and switched the device to aluminium, with Gorilla glass on both sides of the phone. This gave the phone the much needed upgrade and transformed it from a regular smartphone into a true premium smartphone.

2. Kiss goodbye to the SD Card

Expandable memory has been one of the Galaxy’s key features in separating itself from its sealed-backed counterparts. This year though, Samsung decided that it was better off without it. I wouldn’t say that it is a bad thing as Samsung manages to counteract this supposed setback with a large entry-level storage space of 32GB. There are even options for 64GB and 128GB as well— problem solved!

3. Sealed batteries for a slicker cosmetic appeal

Branching away from its predecessors, the S6 and S6 Edge now comes with a sealed backing. While this may be a dealbreaker for many fans of the Galaxy lineup, this is quickly compensated with a refined aesthetic. That added finesse is enough to get the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge a place alongside its premium smartphone rivals.

4.  Say hello to improved multi-tasking features

Samsung Galaxy’s lineups are most noted for their fast and user-friendly multi-tasking feature. Its big screens make multitasking a breeze and doubles its purpose as a phablet. Along with the previously seen Pop-Up app feature in Note 4, the S6 and S6 Edge now allows you to layer and resize windows as you please. Revisiting the Pop-Up app, you can now launch the application with a quick swipe and minimize the windows into floating orbs reminiscent of the Facebook chat heads.

5.  Wireless charging at your service

To add to the futuristic disposition of the device, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are now compatible for wireless charging. The Samsung Wireless Charging Pad— reminiscent of its device— has a glass-like surface that complements any environmental setting. Minimalistic and functional, it brings the smartphone game to a whole new level for more convenient charging. You are now no longer a wall-hugger tied to a cable leash!

6.  Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has more to offer

Moving the limelight over to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for a moment, lets find out what makes this phone unique from its S6 brother. While it is identical in specifications, software and processors, the S6 Edge comes with its own software made specifically to fully utilize its sexy new curves. Such features include a bedside night clock, colour coded contacts, news, and notifications that are both aesthetically pleasing and power-conserving. To many, the Edge may be nothing more than a cosmetic difference to the rest of the S6 family, but the infinity pool effect and functional cutting-edge design is difficult to refuse.

7.  Increased resolution without increasing screen size

If you loved the graphics on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, this will be a treat for your eyes. Incorporating the same specifications of the Note 4 but compressed into a smaller 5.1-inch screen, the S6 and S6 Edge comes with a power packed 577-pixel Super AMOLED touchscreen— perfect for all your social media, gaming and YouTube needs. You can adjust the saturation of colours to suit your own preference but for what it’s worth, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge screens are one of the best Samsung has ever made.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy S6 line-up doesn’t pale in comparison with its other smartphone rivals but instead, it poses as a challenge and a force to be reckoned with. If this has gotten you excited to get one of your own, you can purchase them from Lazada Philippines.

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