Our homes should be our sanctuary and so, we should decorate it such that it shows our personality and has a comforting vibe. Here are 12 home decor pieces that you may want to consider purchasing to add some character to your home!

beautiful roomImage credit: Aimee Rivers | Flickr

1. Alphabetical Ceramic Jars

Alphabetical Ceramic Jars

How about using these alphabetical ceramic jars to spell out your initials or certain words that you love? For the price of just PHP638.40 after ShopBack’s cashback, you can do just that.

2. Multipurpose Tray

Multipurpose Tray

Add some color to your rooms by using these trays to compartmentalise your knick-knacks! Arrange the trays in different ways to get different combinations of colorful delight. With ShopBack’s cashback, this set of three will only cost less than PHP1662.50.

3. Polka Dot Tray

Polka Dot Tray

With these polka dot trays, everything in their vicinity will automatically look even cuter. For barely more than PHP807, you could have your very own polka dot tray.

4. Leaf Serving Platter

Leaf Serving Platter

Bring an element of nature into your house with these leaf serving platters! The range of different sizes all go for slightly more than PHP $710 after cashback from ShopBack.

5. Desk Trays

Desk Trays

These woven trays are just such a cute addition to the table, aren’t they? And to spice them up even more, you could consider DIY painting these trays to suit them to your room’s color scheme! This set of 3 barely costs PHP520 when you shop through ShopBack.

6. Marble Cheese Platter

Marble Cheese Platter

Marble just has this elegant feel to it, right? Your gatherings will definitely be something else when you use this marble cheese serving platter.

7. Rococo Cheese Platter

Rococo Cheese Platter

If marble isn’t your thing, how about this cheese platter with an intricately designed border and transparent body? This will definitely be a conversation starter during your gatherings and will only cost you PHP902.50 with ShopBack’s cashback.

8. Coasters


On a smaller scale, how about getting some of these van Gogh-inspired coasters at just PHP380?

9. Tea Set for One

Tea Set for One

To go with those coasters, how about this tea set for one? Lonely nights won’t be so lonely anymore when you can settle down comfortably with a pot of tea just for you. The price of this comfort? Around PHP2560 after Shopback’s cashback.

10. Digital Running Alarm Clock

Digital Running Alarm Clock

Never oversleep again with this running alarm clock! When your friends come over and ask why your clock has wheels, they will be floored when you tell them it’s so that it can run away from you. Punctuality costs barely PHP600 when you purchase this clock.

11. Bottle Design Melting Quartz Clock

Bottle Design Melting Quartz Clock

Does time seem to be slipping by faster and faster? Buy this clock for around PHP800 to represent how the years seem to be melting together.

12. Music and Colorful Starry Sky Stars Projector Calendar Alarm Clock

Music and Colorful Starry Sky Stars Projector Calendar Alarm Clock

From its name, you can tell this is a multipurpose alarm clock. Liven up your home with the colorful stars projection and music for just PHP569.05 after ShopBack’s cashback!

Add some detail to your house with these home decor pieces now!

All images are taken from Takatack.com unless otherwise stated.