To most, Bali is a tropical paradise perfect for a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life.

Whether you seek a soothing spa in the opulence of a world-class spa suite or feasting on the great spread of Indonesian cuisine by the beach-side as the sea breeze gently caresses your hair, a trip to Bali is the cure-all for the stressed and the exhausted.

But if your idea of a fulfilling reprieve is an adrenaline-fuelled adventure that’ll take you to extremes, Bali will not go lightly on you.

sharksmileYou need all your Insta-pics to look like this.

From trekking up an active volcano that might just blow up in your face, to propelling yourself into the air superhero-style, it takes more than just guts to take on the wild side of Bali.

Think you can handle them all? Read on to find out!

1 . White water rafting, Ubud

At the river rapids of Sungai Ayung, throngs of gung-ho rafters are a familiar sight. Rated between 19 and 25 Class II, and 19 and 25 Class III (refer to this link if you have no idea what we’re talking about), Sungai Ayung’s ferocious currents will pose a daunting challenge, but are not overtly dangerous as to be life-threatening. Adrenaline junkies should wait for the wet season (between November to March), when torrential downpours transform the gentle waters into a raging river.

2. White water tubing, Payangan region

If paddling away with a team on a raft is too mild for you, why not do it solo? Grab your own tube, strap on a helmet and face the rapids lazy-river style. Except this river isn’t lazy – it can get extremely furious especially during rainy days, so expect to be frequently tipped off your tube if you’re not adept enough!

3. ATV Quad biking, Ubud

Want an extreme adventure without overly tiring yourself out? Hop on an ATV quad bike and traverse rugged terrain looking all cool and gung-ho with dust and sand billowing all over you. At Taro in Ubud, riders can expect to negotiate a route pass local communes, plantations and even a bamboo forest, making this sport an ideal option for quick sightseeing as well. Even better news? Taro is in close proximity to Sungai Ayung, so you can feel the grit of sand and the splash of water all in the same day!

4. Canyoning, Gitgit waterfall

A natural labyrinth with roaring falls in nearly every nook and cranny, Gitgit Waterfall is not for the faint of heart (or muscle). A daunting combination of rock climbing, river trekking, cliff jumping  and abseiling, canyoning at this marvel of nature will reward the gutsy with breathtaking scenery and natural springs.

5. Kite Surfing, most beaches in Bali

There’s surfing – catching great waves and showing off cool moves while staying firm.

Then there’s kite-surfing – same thing, but faster, higher and WAY cooler.

A true test of dexterity, kite-surfing marries the power of wind and wave to deliver a wave-riding experience unlike any other. Zip through wave tunnels and feel the sea-spray rush against you while negotiating powerful sea winds and ferocious undercurrents.

6. Jet pack, Nusa Dua

Ever wondered it feels like to take flight in Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit? At Nusa Dua, take flight by strapping on this ingenious contraption and be lifted 30 feet into the air at 30 miles per hour! Obviously it’s nowhere as fast, but with twin jets of water spouting furiously from your heels, you’ll be as eye-catching as your favourite superheroes!

7. Paragliding, Denpasar

Let go of your earthly tethers and get a bird’s eye view of Bali’s magnificence on a paragliding tour with Bali’s many operators in Denpasar. With so many professionals catering to this popular extreme sport, visitors eager to try their hands at paragliding can expect an abundance of special deals and packages. Never paraglided before? Fret not – many tour operators offer tandem paragliding as well!

8. Trek Gunung Batur

With frequent tremors and steam ever-billowing from its crater, Bali’s most active volcano threatens to unleash destruction at any moment. Past eruptions have made the active area of the volcano extremely dangerous to traverse, with spurts of superheated steam, toxic sulphur fumes, and even the occasional burst of lava from the cragged surface. Still, adventure junkies around the world are drawn to this marvel of nature, simply because of its breathtaking vistas.

9. Cave diving, Gili Biaha

Want to explore the abyssal depths of Bali’s pristine oceans instead? At Gili Biaha (or Shark Cave), try your hands at cave-diving into shark-infested waters and caverns so deep and dark even torches can’t illuminate the darkness.

Statistically the world’s most dangerous sport, it’ll take steely resolve and utter confidence for even an experienced diver to poke his head into Gili Biaha’s shark-infested caverns.

10. Bali Flying Fish , Tanjung Benoa Beach

The simplicity behind this extreme sport underscores its notoriety in recent times. Like three banana boats merged into one, participants grab on to this giant kite and soar into the air as a speedboat pulls them along at sea. Sudden turbulence or even a powerful gust of wind is enough to send this contraption twirling out of control, and there have even been cases of fatalities in recent years!

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