1. Waterproof Phone Pouch 

waterproof-2 waterproof


Wet weather? We’ve got you, and your phone, covered! There’s no need to soak your phone in rice anymore, just put it in a waterproof bag and you’re good to go! 

Take awesome pictures when you’re out in the rain, and even amazing underwater shots if you’re planning to take a dip in pools or when you go to the beach. 



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2.  Metallic Temporary Tattoos 


Safe and non-toxic, you can sparkle and show off great designs on your skin! 

You can get it at ZALORA, where collective.com is selling these beauties at only ₱69! What a steal! 



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3.  Egg Poacher 


Ever wanted to make a beautifully perfect poached egg to top your Eggs Benedict dish? Instead of the traditional vinegar and swirling method, there’s now an Egg Poacher on the market that automatically poaches perfect eggs for you, fuss-free! 


From ₱1,250 at Lazada, it has now been reduced to a mere price of ₱649! Get it now while you can!

Apart from poaching eggs, this nifty gadget allows you to steam and re-heat other kinds of food products as well!

Of course, if you’re an egg lover like me, there’s an endless list of dishes you could whip up for every meal!



4.  Homemade Peanut Butter Machine

Are you a fan of rich and creamy peanut butter?


Did you know you could make homemade peanut butter, right in your very own kitchen?


All you have to do is pour your favorite shelled or chopped nuts into the machine, add oil and it almost magically churns out peanut butter! You can choose your own sweetener be it honey, cinnamon or chocolate, and you can even create your own secret blend of peanut butter.



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5.  BEAUTYSOCLEAN Cosmetic Sanitizer

Now, believe me when I say a lot of people don’t know this product even exists! And we’re loving it so much!

beauty-so-clean (2) beauty-so-clean

It comes in 2 sizes, one in 8ml (₱602.50) and the other in 250ml (₱1305). This is a cleaning agent for your makeup palettes, blushers, and eyeliners etcetera etcetera!

All you have to do is hold it 15m away from the product and mist once, to kill the lingering bacteria and germs that you can’t see lying on your products. It ensures that the quality of your makeup is as it was, only cleaner. It removes bacteria on both powder and cream based products as well!


Here’s a better visual on how to use this amazing product! You simply must have it!

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 6. Self Stirring Mug

We’re loving the self stirring mug because it’s fun, cool and it means less utensils to wash!


All you have to do is press the yellow button on its handle and your beverage will instantly start stirring! 

For ₱512.82 at Lazada, it comes in a bright array of colors that and can be wrapped beautifully to be sent as gifts to your friends or loved ones!


7.  The Konjac Sponge

While it is true that daily exfoliating could be too harsh on your skin, the Konjac sponge is gentler than a sponge and is ideal for scrubbing away dirt and dry skin everyday!


Apart from being really, really gently, the Konjac sponges will remove more makeup than just washing with your hands alone. They’ll also make your skin a little more radiant because we all know anything that exfoliates skin makes it smoother and more dewy looking, just like Korean stars!


The Konjac used in the sponge is actually grown on the volcanic plains of UNESCO protected Jeju Island in South Korea!

The material of natural vegetable fibers that the sponge is made off helps to deeply clean, remove blackheads, promote blood circulation and stimulate skin cells renewal without the irritation caused by traditional exfoliating methods.


There are differing types of Konjac sponges for different skin types!


These sponges start from just ₱421 (prices differ with type and brand) at Luxola and you can get them cheaper when you shop through ShopBack because, very simply put, you get a portion of your money back!

We’re loving it so much!

8. Egyptian Magic Cream

creamAt ₱1773.50, this “magical” all-purpose cream is literally for all purposes including face cream, hair masque, cuticle conditioner, burn relief and even shaving balm!

It contains delicious natural ingredients-


Well, mostly delicious. 

To use, simply soften the solid-based cream and start applying! How useful!

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9.  Taylor Swift Champion Sneaky Cat

Taylor Swift has released a new line of Keds design and they are so adorable!


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10.  Hong Kong Hotel Stay with Disneyland (Groupon)

hk-disneyGroupon has got an incredible deal to offer, and that is a 3D2N tour to Hong Kong Disneyland starting from ₱5899!



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