All You Need To Know To Make the Most of Lazada’s Birthday

It’s Lazada’s birthday but you will be the one getting a surprise. Read on to find all Lazada has in store for you in this mega celebration. Bring your mobile along, this is going to be the shopping spree you have been dreaming of!


Guide To Paying Your Bills In The Philippines: Where and How to Do It

Never miss a due date again with this list of bills payment options in the Philippines. Bookmark it if you have to!

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Essential Guide To Batanes Island: All You Need To Know For A Fantastic Trip

Picture-perfect holidays begin at Batanes Island, blessed with picturesque shores and lush landscapes you’ve only dreamt about.


Looking For Cheap Flights? Follow These Tips to Book The Lowest Fares

Flight tickets take the biggest chunk of your travel budget. Make sure you always book the cheapest fares online with these top tips.


You Don’t Have To Go To Japan For Cherry Blossoms! Visit The Balayong Festival Instead

Sakura season in Japan is lovely. But we don’t need to go that far to enjoy cherry blossoms. Head to Palawan to see the Balayong tree.

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Best Bubble And Milk Tea Places In Metro Manila to Try Now

When temperatures in the city rise, it’s time to head to the best bubble and milk tea places in Metro Manila to chill out and cool down.

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