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More about Blade Auto Center

Blade Auto Center Vouchers

Things can get a bit on the expensive side when it comes to vehicle parts, accessories or other supporting items. When you are dealing with a normal shop, if you wish to bring down the costs, the reliability or quality of the products will take a beating. For enthusiasts, who wish to use the highest grade products yet be able to afford them, Blade Auto Center vouchers can save the day. There are no doubts that the brand offers great quality products at relatively affordable prices, you can still get value for your money. 

When you shop online with the brand, you can use discount coupons to bring down your expenses. This ensures that you still have access to the best possible products out there and at the same time are not burning a hole in your pockets. Availing promos is an easy and ideal way of buying your favorite accessory or replacement part or fluids for your vehicle. You simply need to search for your favorite product and use any of these coupons to bring down the costs. The above section outlines how you can avail these deals.

Visit Shopback for the Best Blade Auto Center Discounts

None of us would really like to buy a product at a higher price if the same is available at lower quotes. However, it can get a bit challenging to source the proper Blade Auto Center coupons Philippines has on offer. There are quite a few websites that give it a shot to provide you with Blade Auto Center discount codes. But most of them fail at providing valid codes and offers. Though you might be able to get your hands on some codes, they might not be valid ones. Thereby, you kind of waste all of your efforts and time.

A website like Shopback comes to the rescue at such times. The site does all the hard and smart work on your behalf ensuring that you can focus on buying the right stuff for your vehicle. The website lists out only active and valid blade auto center voucher codes on your visit. It also has quite a few blade auto center cashback offers that you can benefit from. The following are the steps that you need to carry out in order to use the website to its fullest capabilities.

  • You must first visit Shopback’s website.
  • Try logging in using your credentials.
  • If you are visiting the website for the very first time, it is a quick and seamless process to register.
  • A search bar is available on the top of the website and you can search for Blade Auto Center in the same.
  • The site will return a list of all the valid and applicable blade auto center deals Philippines has on offer or blade auto center discounts.

The website also offers cashback on your purchases.

  • Select a deal that best suits your purchases and continue to shop on Blade Auto Center’s website just like you would normally do.

If your purchase qualifies for any cashback, the same will be credited to your Shopback account within a specified amount of time.

Blade Auto Center – Online Automobile Accessories Retailer

Automobiles and humans go hand in hands. Most of us are avid fans of our vehicles and the same reflects in our habits as well. The way we care for our vehicles, or the way we add newer accessories it is all indicative of the same. Irrespective of how much craze we might have for such things, sourcing the right accessories or products for your vehicles can be a bit painful process. There are tons of shops and brands out there that provide you with similar equipment. Things can go horribly wrong when you consider online vendors. 

However, amidst all of this chaos, there is a brand that is slowly and steadily ensuring that vehicle enthusiasts always have the upper hand. Blade Auto Center has been in the business of providing necessary accessories and products that motor enthusiasts need on a regular basis for some time now. And they understand the pulse of the enthusiasts spot on.

From Motorcycle to Racing, Blade Auto Center’s Arsenal

Blade Auto Center came into existence with the motive to provide vehicle accessories. The brand also offers racing related gift items, collectibles and car fashion items. To ensure that there is no compromise when it comes to the quality of products, the brand produces more than 80% of all the products sold. Apart from selling indigenous products, Blade Auto Center also supplies buyers with products from renowned brands such as JVC, Sony, Castrol, Valvoline, Bosch, Philips and so on.

Car and bike buyers share a lot of enthusiasm while buying accessories or additional products for their vehicles. Blade Auto Center shares the exact same philosophy and strives towards a healthier driving community, all the while providing high grade products at affordable prices. 

Services on Offer at Blade Auto Center Philippines

You can utilize your blade auto center promo codes by opting to shop on the Lazada website. However, one must be aware of different products and services that it has on offer. Here is a list of the same.

Auto Electronics

There is no denying that a modern day car comes loaded with electronic features. However, there are a more things that you can achieve with the help of additional gizmos. The auto electronics segment of the website provides you with ample options to do the same, starting from high definition speakers to rear view mirror with data recorder options. 

Car Care

Taking good care of your car will lead to a much longer and healthier life for both the engine as well as the interior of the vehicle. Blade Auto Center has a lot of good grade products that will aid you in taking care of your car. You can shop for dehumidifier or microfiber cloth or buy magic plate kit or car wax. You will be able to find all the car care products that you ever wanted.


One of the easiest ways of safeguarding your bike is to cover it up when it is not in use. Blade Auto Center offers you a variety of bike covers and different styles of helmet to choose from. 

Oils and Fluids

Feeding your car with the right grade and volume of oils and fluids is of paramount importance.  It will lead to a hassle free experience and add to the longevity of your vehicle. Whether you are looking for transmission fluid, engine oil for petrol or diesel mills or gear oils, the website has them all. 

Performance Parts

Most of the auto enthusiasts wish to enhance the performance of their bike or cars by some margin or the other. Blade Auto Center offers a few performance enhancement parts and accessories such as carbon filter made out of different materials. You can either pick up a normal air filter, a carbon air filter or a silver air filter. 

Replacement Parts

There isn’t anything called as a perfect car. One will have some gripe or the other with any car that they buy. To overcome some of them, Blade Auto Center offers some smart replacement options. For starters, you will be able to order wiper blades. A good and fresh set of blades will ensure water is cleaned off the screen in a healthy manner and that your windshield is well protected. If you wish to upgrade your lights as well, you can do the same.


Blade Auto Center provides auto security alarms, rear view back up camera, travelling data recorder and other devices. These devices not only help you enhance your car driving experience but at the same time offer a lot of security and convenience.

How to Shop on Blade Auto Center

If you wish to use any coupons, the only way of doing so is via the website. The promos on offer is quite contemporary and anyone with prior online shopping experience will feet at home. However, this doesn’t mean that new comers will have a tough time. It follows an easy layout and a natural flow of events to help you purchase stuff.

There are two major ways of using the website if you want to buy anything. Firstly, you can navigate through the categories mentioned above and reach the products that you wish to buy. Alternatively, you can look for a product on the search bar of the website. Once you find out a product, select the same to find additional information about the same.

If you are happy with what you have in your front, select the add to cart button. The website lets you pick up multiple units of the same item as well. At this point, you can either continue with your shopping or move to the cart page.

This page provides you with a summary of the products that you want to purchase along with an option to use blade auto center discount codes. If you have any blade auto center special offer codes, you can key in the same in the discount codes section. The next option is to check out the orders in your cart.

If you are an existing customer and haven’t already logged in using your credentials, you can do so at this point. New customers need to fill in the shipping address and contact information on the form provided. On the right hand portion of the page, you can select a payment option that you are comfortable with. Once you are satisfied with all the entered information, you can place the order for the same. The website will provide an immediate confirmation of the order.

Contact Blade Auto Center

Let us just face it, almost all of us would avoid a company with a bad customer service desk. If you have bought a product from such a company, it can lead to irritation or frustration. Alternatively, if you hear such reviews about a company, you would do your best to keep yourself away from such brands.

The people at Blade Auto Center understand this pretty well and that is the reason they invest a substantial amount of time and resources on the same. The result of which will leave you with a smile on your face. The brand has done its best to learn over the years and strengthen the customer service desk with the help of feedback and previous experience. 

If you have any form of queries or concerns or suggestions, you can send the queries to info@BladeAsia.com. Customers who are comfortable with calls can dial in +63 2 927 7777 or +63 2 927 5555 for their queries. Alternatively, you can visit the contact us page and fill in a short form on the page. The website will ask you for your contact information post which you can enter the query and send it.

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Blade Auto Center: Automotive Accessories & Parts from P249

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