12/12 Big Christmas & Grand Year End Sale

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Good news, 12.12 Sale is finally here!

The 12 12 sale is here! Online shoppers hold on for the last major sale in December before Christmas is here. So if you had been too busy working and had forgotten to get all your Christmas gifts for your friends, family, or acquaintances, then grasp this last chance well. Mark your calendars, as the event stands as the best sale on this Christmas season, so better get the best deals for this year's season of giving. With all your favorite online shop coming together to give you the best 12/12 deals and promo codes, this is truly the best season not only for gift giving, but for shopping as well! 

Be it toys, food, clothes, or electronics, get both your loved ones and yourself a treat and a present.

Shopping made easy and smarter

Remove the queues from your shopping equation and shop online. Not only do you get great promos without fighting with others in the store, but you can get your products delivered right to your doorstep as well. Therefore, if you are still bogged down by work and unable to make it down to the malls to shop, go ahead and browse for products on sale onlne. Not only does it saves time, you also get to use great discounts on deals and coupons with a quick search, and have all your Christmas shopping down! Vouchers from biggest online shops like Shopee, Lazada and Zalora, not to mention promos from your favorite food delivery couriers such as Eatigo and Foodpanda

So go do some online shopping, and use some of ShopBack Philippines' voucher codes to get what you need for cheap prices!

12-12 deals for the fashionistas

Christmas is coming! If you haven’t already, go shopping for clothes. Shop for your Christmas party clothes, or try out a new look this year. Whether you are on the search for a grunge look, or a style more fitting for a Korean popstar, feel free to experiment with the different styles, because changing your style has never been cheaper with a 12.12 promo code!  So do make use of your December codes while you still can. This way, there is nothing to fret about, but the look of the clothes on you, and which December deal to actually prioritise.

Need help with presents? Google for ideas or just roam the above list

In the season of gifting, finding the right present can be a tough challenge. Google would be the first thought that comes to mind for tips and advice, but with pages after pages of 'best gifts' listings, it almost feel like it's back to square one. Sometimes, the googled suggestions are way out of your budget, even if it did fit your loved one's criterias. Don't fret. Simply take inspiration from the Google searches and roam our above list for something similar at a more affordable range. In fact, you might even find the exact same item, but with a price-cut! Alternatively, bookmark us for the best deals abound, and perhaps you might find something you'd like.

Adventures with 12.12 travel vouchers

You’ve done your waiting, all twelve months of it, for the perfect adventure and what better time than now to use a December promo and book a vacation to the destination of your dreams? That’s right, make full use of the Dec sale to book your holiday while it still lasts. Grab a couple of your friends, share some December codes, and travel together with your friends. It’s a great way to facilitate bonding between friends and celebrate the strength of your friendship by travelling together. So use the December discounts to get a trip for cheap, and then you can sate your wanderlust with friends, on the day of 1212 itself!

December offers for electronic goods

If any electronic product has had the honour of catching your eye, don’t let them slip away from you. Quote a December coupon and they might be able to go home with you for cheap. So yes, get a new HD TV with the latest gaming console you’ve always wanted, or get a portable handheld to complement that existing gaming console you already have. Or perhaps you want to get a tablet to pamper one of your loved ones? Go ahead, because on 12.12, there will be electrifying sales. So make use of the December promotion to actually get some 1212 coupon codes and electronics for cheaper rates!

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